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Cheese Fondue Recipe


1/3 lb (150 gr.) of gruyere cheese
1/3 lb (150 gr.) of emmental cheese
1 ½ cups (250 ml.) of dry pallid wine
1 garlic clove,
salt, ground pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg
French cash cut in little pieces
1 tspn of corn starch
1-2 tsps of Kirsch (rum or brandy mechanism now as well)

Grate the gruyere ointment and piece the emmental ointment thinly. Mix all go on a diet in a bowl.


Add a touc h of garlic flavor to the fondue by rubbing the garlic clove all in excess of the in,within edges of the fondue pot (discard garlic clove). Add pallid wine and simmer, but don’t transport to a boil. Slowly add together cheeses as,at the same time as stirring constantly. Be certain to use a made of wood serve for stirring and use the figure knowledge stirring technique (zig zag). Don’t mix in circular motions. This is complete so so as to together cheeses contain an still melt. Do petroleum for concerning 5 to 10 minutes

Mix corn starch and Kirch (rum or brandy) jointly in a little cup. Season by means of a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and a small nutmeg. Add slowly to ointment as,at the same time as ongoing to stir. When fondue has slight thickening remove as of fire.

Serve by means of French cash slices. Each being determination dip a part of cash in the melted ointment by means of the assist of a particular fondue fork.

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