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Different Types of Hair Styles

The Basics
Long TRASH TIES can be worn as a headbands and ponytail holders, or in put of bobby pins and clips to make an infinite diversity of hairstyles. Some styles determination labor for everybody and a number of are well-suited to exact hair-lengths. Here are a few thoughts to get by means of wheels turning.

The Headband

Wrap a TRASH TIE approximately by means of skull and safe by means of a gentle twist. The twist can be worn on top or by means of skull or concealed at the back. Or be dressed in more supposed a few ties at once, as in the photo above. These create the the majority excellent headbands, as the tie conforms to by means of skull form and dimension with no binding.

The Ponytail

To create a ponytail, gently fold by means of TRASH TIE in half, after that wrap tightly.

If by means of hair is thick, try wrapping the filled distance end to end of by means of TRASH TIE with no folding it first. Then twist the two tie trimmings jointly to “lock” it in place.
I can’t say how huge petroleum is for curly hair as well. You can put in a ponytail with no frizzing out by means of curls (the way an elastic band does). A TRASH TIES ponytail is elegant and sophisticated.

The Bun

Create a bun!

Hook the end of a TRASH TIE approximately by means of ponytail. Then wrap the tie downward the distance end to end of by means of hair. If by means of hair is thick, by means of wraps determination be spaced additional apart. If by means of hair is fine, the wraps determination be closer together. You’ll desire the tie to wrap the majority of the way downward by means of hair. Leave concerning 4″ of the tie unwrapped. This bit of tie determination be second-hand to safe the bun in put afterward on.

Now, style by means of hair eager on a bun. Wrap by means of hair eager on a bun in the similar way so as to the tie was wrapped. This determination shape a tidy, attractive bun.
Stitch the previous bit of tie from side to side the hair after that to by means of head, as in the photo above, after that fold the tie rear on itself to “hook” the bun in place. Tuck the tie end beneath by means of hair to conceal. This determination grasp still the heaviest hair — no bobby pins needed!
If by means of hair is layered, you can make a additional edgy seem as in the photo at the right.

The Braid

For a contemporary braid, wrap a TRASH TIE approximately a piece of by means of hair. Gather additional hair and after that wrap again. Repeat awaiting braid is complete.

And Beyond!

• With good care, by means of TRASH TIES determination see you from side to side a lot of high-quality times!

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